Friday Feeling

Things that made me happy this week so far (my attempt at telling depression to bugger right off).

CHaOS science day at Oakwell Hall. Lots of experiments for the kids to try out. Baby ran amok across the grounds and we saw newts, rats, rabbits and various insects.

Spent some quality time with the husband. Stayed up way too late, mind. Zzz…

Took all the smaller children to Mini Breeze at Farsley. Was worried the boys would be super disappointed as it was too windy for the inflatables to go up, but they spent ages in the Bam Van making their own music track, and playing with the baby. Caught up with good friends. Watched the baby go nuts over three guide dogs (in a good way).

Booked a massage for the weekend.

Cleaned out a crazy cupboard.

Read a lot. Again, staying up too late.

Started to find motivation for paid work again, something which had been lacking since returning from our honeymoon in Rhodes.

Lots of baby (toddler) cuddles. Lots and lots.

What’s been your happy moment this week?

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