Doing a bit of last minute research before my appearance on Radio 4’s Beyond Belief, being recorded on Wednesday.

3 Comments on “Trees!

  1. Oh! That is awesome. Do let us know when it goes out. And yay for seeing Pagan Dawn being put to use as well. XD That makes me happy.


  2. Hi Mabh,
    I just wanted to leave you a comment to say thank you. Your books are so inspirational and have really helped me find a greater understanding in myself. I’m really looking forward to reading your blogs as well, now that I have found them!
    Brightest blessings

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    • Somehow this comment was filtered out, I have just seen this! I am so happy that my books are bringing you some joy and thank you for telling me so, it’s wonderful to hear. This blog will be much more active in 2020. All the best and wishing you and yours a very merry Yuletide! Mabh.


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