Month: August 2013

Poetry tonight in Leeds

Quick reminder: Chapel Allerton Arts Festival poetry Open Mic at Chapel Allerton Library. From 7 ’til 10 ish. 🙂 Expect to see lots of talent on show, or maybe have a go yourself! See you there!

Thanks garden!

And this bowl all without leaving the garden! Now what shall I do with these? Jam or pudding?

Widdershins Whirl

Endlessly entropic Ebbing away Says the circle so bright Dares the moon in the light Of the day hale and gay So we spin and we stick To the lines drawn before To the curves of our past Salt and water hold fast To… Continue Reading “Widdershins Whirl”

Ritual, right?

Like what I did there? Ritual right, ritual/rite. Hilarious. Anyway, as previously mentioned, witchcraft has been a hot topic this week, and there has been a great deal of debate over its effectiveness and also its ultimate purpose. One of the key issues that… Continue Reading “Ritual, right?”

Time to be kind to oneself…

Favourite thought of the day: Meditation is a time to be friends with one’s own heart. This from a guided meditation by Ajahn Sundara, who also says it is a time to be kind to oneself; not to fight with thoughts and ideas. Just… Continue Reading “Time to be kind to oneself…”

A Very Berated Witchcraft

An interesting debate arose earlier this week, on the stomping ground that is the social media universe. This was in the wake of Channel 4’s screening of A Very British Witchcraft. One of my good friends wanted to know, does it work? What’s the… Continue Reading “A Very Berated Witchcraft”

Chapel Allerton Open Mic

Another gig! This time it’s a freebie, as part of Chapel Allerton Arts Festival; one of the highlights of the Leeds Summer scene. Loads of great poets rumoured to be turning up, so pop along to Chapel Allerton library on the 28th August and… Continue Reading “Chapel Allerton Open Mic”

When the wind stole my homework

What a busy week! I received the first box of my book, A Modern Celt, a few days ago and also discovered it’s now available to pre-order through Amazon and Play. Exciting! Last night saw myself, Martin Vosper and many others down at the… Continue Reading “When the wind stole my homework”


Lammas was a two day affair this year; the first day spent in heat and happiness traipsing through the wilderness with my little boy. We found cherries, blushing in the bright sun, and berries black and glossy like tiny dark eyes. After the heavy… Continue Reading “Lammas”