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Alban Eilir: Time of the Hare

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Lammas was a two day affair this year; the first day spent in heat and happiness traipsing through the wilderness with my little boy. We found cherries, blushing in the bright sun, and berries black and glossy like tiny dark eyes. After the heavy… Continue Reading “Lammas”


Hey Miss it once Hey Look up Two jackdaws in a sycamore tree One edged along the main branch Blinking down at me in curiosity Sharing the autumn sun All three cloaked against the autumn wind The two birds aren’t hunting Or foraging Simply… Continue Reading “Hey”

Spirituality or Practicality?

The Romans are said to have been astonished by the range of gods and spirits the Celtic peoples honoured, yet the Celts were feared for their prowess in war, helped mightily by their ability to travel far across land and sea. So they were… Continue Reading “Spirituality or Practicality?”