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Cerne Abbas: A Very Naughty Boy

   Facebook blocked me from promoting my piece which had an a image of the Cerne Abbas Giant on. So I sent this to Facebook: “I’m dismayed my advert has not been approved. It has been marked as having ‘adult’ content; please can you… Continue Reading “Cerne Abbas: A Very Naughty Boy”

Headingley LitFest: Stories from the War Hospital

  It’s Friday the 21st March, just after the Equinox. There is an odd camaraderie at New Headingley Club, between Leeds Rhinos rugby fans about to head off to cheer on their team, and LitFest fans here to listen in contrasting silence to Stories… Continue Reading “Headingley LitFest: Stories from the War Hospital”

Journey Well Nelson Mandela

Spirituality or Practicality?

The Romans are said to have been astonished by the range of gods and spirits the Celtic peoples honoured, yet the Celts were feared for their prowess in war, helped mightily by their ability to travel far across land and sea. So they were… Continue Reading “Spirituality or Practicality?”