Month: January 2013


Another excerpt from my upcoming book, A Modern Celt, which goes to the publisher in 6 days! Eek! Worryingly, I only just wrote this bit today… The holly is an evergreen tree with leaves ranging from dark green to bright yellow and gorgeous red… Continue Reading “Holly”

Little moments of wonder…

When winter is an idea and home is where the central heating is; when frost holds no fear for the English wanderer; take the snow and make it your plaything. Forget the empty, useless roads and take joy in being stuck at home. This… Continue Reading “Little moments of wonder…”

Modern Seer

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, A Modern Celt, from the chapter examining how prophecy, a theme popular in Celtic stories, is still alive in varying forms today. “…Does having guidance as to what may be around the corner actually aid us… Continue Reading “Modern Seer”

Might snow this weekend…

Why do we say it’s brisk when it’s cold outside? Brisk; fast, quick, sharp movements. Lively; with vigor.Is the cold vigorous? Perhaps it more describes us:Rushing out of the icy air into warm abodesBreath like fog and eyes sparkling diamondsIn mines of glowing red;Or… Continue Reading “Might snow this weekend…”

Thirty Circles

Thirty circles Bold and bright Ancient days and Timeless night Wasted moments Treasured slice Of life eternal Entered thrice As child, as maid As mother fair. As soul so heavy Limp with care. Dragging onward, Cutting ruts And dusty trails In gore and guts;… Continue Reading “Thirty Circles”


Streaming red Cloak of hair Like yarn spun wild For a coat of dreams Of war and time To pass the line The blood along Like velvet wine Lady great and fierce of heart Builds you up then tears apart Protect thyself but know… Continue Reading “Red”

Endings and beginnings

I write my ending at the beginning; not as pretentious as it sounds, I promise. As we move into a new year (according to the Gregorian calendar) I am in the final stages of my book, A Modern Celt, with a promise to myself… Continue Reading “Endings and beginnings”