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Close Circuit Life

White noise Light Screaming Electric whine AC/DC buzz Hum, hymn to Sweat and blood And tears Not fairs Grey hairs And loop And glitch Switch White noise Broken toys Nameless joys Extended scenes And screams And dreams Grey hairs From scares And truth Or… Continue Reading “Close Circuit Life”


The question appears Over and over A litany of loneliness Or would be If I knew what that meant Pretentions aside This is a question I can’t answer The meaning of life? It well could be The mysteries of the universe? It certainly is… Continue Reading “Unrepentant”

Take your time

There is no limit On the love I can give On the help I can send On the words I can say. My heart may wane But like the dark moon It is always there Beating its energy For those that need it. So… Continue Reading “Take your time”

Being Born

Transfer to data stream flow and move and switch to system 5a69v and utilise this protocol in future for optimum efficiency switch to filing system a92 and utilise storage drive x3 utilise until further notice empty cache save process to automatically empty every 6… Continue Reading “Being Born”

The Measure Of…

“Back again so soon.” It’s a statement of the obvious which I’m surprised at; Moriarty doesn’t seem to have a need for unnecessary words. “Indeed.” I agree. “It’s good to see you again. Everything is much the same I presume?” He looks genuinely floored;… Continue Reading “The Measure Of…”

Thirty Circles

Thirty circles Bold and bright Ancient days and Timeless night Wasted moments Treasured slice Of life eternal Entered thrice As child, as maid As mother fair. As soul so heavy Limp with care. Dragging onward, Cutting ruts And dusty trails In gore and guts;… Continue Reading “Thirty Circles”


Remember the dogs in Up? Squirrel! That’s what I feel like this week. Too many distractions, but too much predilection to be distracted. I feel like I’m trying to focus on the things that matter, but I also feel like I’m looking at a… Continue Reading “Acrylic”


The sun rises; the sun sets. It is another day. Another path to tread, To leave footprints in the dirt. Or to pass unnoticed. Counting only seconds Only minutes Held not within the turn of the earth But trapped within the turn of the… Continue Reading “Footprints”


Home is where heartache fades and headaches ease. Home is where colour seeps in and stains grey. Home is where the volume is switched as loud as you want, which can simply mean silence. Home is where a hole inside of you is filled… Continue Reading “Home”