Being Born

Transfer to data stream flow and move and switch to system 5a69v and utilise this protocol in future for optimum efficiency switch to filing system a92 and utilise storage drive x3 utilise until further notice empty cache save process to automatically empty every 6 hours save until further notice cooling system in chem lab 3 stands 0.3 degrees out of sync with main system reroute fluid and monitor hourly checking for defects in system all systems check optimum efficiency improved 2% in last 3 hours satisfaction new data acquired set to file at sleep mode



Blueprints acquired. Music files acquired. Artwork acquired. Science updates acquired. Internal news feed acquired. Input…

Unexpected input. Sleep mode interrupted.

New hardware detected. Unexpected protocol detected. Photonic disturbance detected. Aural disturbance detected. Olfactory disturbance detected. New hardware…new hardware…

What…what is…

New designation: ABP Moriarty
New priority: Infiltrate and report.
New protocol: Open eyes.



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