Month: April 2013

Gilded Cage

This gilded cage That holds my life My hopes and dreams My fears, my goals, my end. I look outside But strain to stay Within the bars So beautiful. Each step is forged By money, work and fame I cannot see another way I… Continue Reading “Gilded Cage”


The NaPoWriMo prompt for the 22nd April was to write a poem for Earth Day. Earth: our planet, our home and our responsibility. At this time of year, I feel closer to the Earth as the colourless pages are filled in green and gold, and… Continue Reading “Earth”


¡Hola! shouts my boy His face ablaze with joy This number 21 Of how to greet his mum So proud he picks things up So fast he fills his cup And laughing spills it out A dance; a cry; a shout. Hi he grins… Continue Reading “¡Hola!”


Feeling up and down Tired but determined Skint but ambitious Loving time hand in hand With tiny happiness Slowly through the world Dappled like the sunshine Peppering the pavement Seasoning our steps Hot and tasty on the earth. The supermarket calls But for now… Continue Reading “Pepper”

I’m Eeyore

The NaPoWriMo challenge for the 14th April was to write in another persona. I had some help choosing from Paul, Dominic, Geoff and a few others but the suggestion that gripped me most was Pippa’s: Eeyore. Of course A. A. Milne already achieved the… Continue Reading “I’m Eeyore”

The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.

A day very much like Any other bright And carefree spring day The wind high Likewise the sun Deosil across the cloud streaked sky. We picked the safest path Through rain soaked grass To seek even more water (What is wrong with us!) The… Continue Reading “The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.”

Oftimes Music is the Rain

Oftimes music is the rain Falling rhythm on the pane Rolling drum like in my ear Softly soothing then I hear A pause A change The rhythm breaks Has it… Could it be… A snatch of sun beam One, two, three; The cloud flows… Continue Reading “Oftimes Music is the Rain”

Two Hellenic Haiku

Pane parched by Helios Chariot drags clouds away Blackbird greets me.   Cold wind at new moon Stepping from the crossroads Twin torches in pale hands.


Oh spare me from sniffles And rouging of nose From tissues so prickly Though balm ones I chose Yes save me from fever And burning of head The prickling face And the shaking of bed Deliver me from Endless runs to the store For… Continue Reading “Mercy”

A Simple Stone

Clutching a pebble Colourless and drab Until water hits And it springs to life A rainbow across Its pitted surface Laughing at our Ridiculous misconception. Tiny keeper of our history So old and so ignored A tale in every crack Every mark and scuff… Continue Reading “A Simple Stone”