¡Hola! shouts my boy
His face ablaze with joy
This number 21
Of how to greet his mum
So proud he picks things up
So fast he fills his cup
And laughing spills it out
A dance; a cry; a shout.
Hi he grins at me
My gosh you’re nearly three
And bilingual to boot
Ridiculously cute.
Hiya mum he says
As noisily he plays
And learning becomes mess
And I try to avoid stress
Morning he will yawn
In bright and broken morn
With cocoa pops and juice
Schedule running loose
Hey you he shouts at dad
When fun is to be had
And running round the room
A pair of crazy loons.
My favourite greeting though?
The silent one that’s so
Incredible. My boy of two;
His look says I love you.

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