The NaPoWriMo prompt for the 22nd April was to write a poem for Earth Day. Earth: our planet, our home and our responsibility. At this time of year, I feel closer to the Earth as the colourless pages are filled in green and gold, and the silent air starts to buzz with bees and anticipation. I tried to move this feeling into words:

The smell of the spring
Is a wondrous thing
Air simply alive
With bacteria sporing
That warm rainy smell
That’s the time you can tell
That the wheel has now turned;
On the flip side we dwell.
Day out-lives night
The warm golden light
Gives way to the stars
And the nocturnal sight
Of the moon and the owl
And the fox on the prowl
And the cats start to sing
As the dogs start to howl
That the earth is alive
From the snow we survive
Green and strong, we belong
To this world -and we thrive!
Dig my toes in the mud
Plant myself if I could
To be part of the web
Of life, stone, sap and wood.

Copyright Mabh Savage April 2013

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