Month: March 2013


“Hey Stan. I’m here to take charge of my new ward. Can you sort me out?” I pass the befuddled surveillance engineer my papers and he checks them cursorily and shakes his head. “Rather you than me! Can’t deny it seems a good idea… Continue Reading “Escape”

Take your time

There is no limit On the love I can give On the help I can send On the words I can say. My heart may wane But like the dark moon It is always there Beating its energy For those that need it. So… Continue Reading “Take your time”

Bearing music

“I thought you may appreciate some music. I know you get MTV, but its a touch limited.” He’s standing on his head in the centre of the white room, black hair splayed out in stark contrast to the floor and his own pale skin.… Continue Reading “Bearing music”

Holding Pattern

Still point, holding pattern
 At a crossroads of the heart
 Junction of the soul
 Where twin lights shine
 Forward and back
 In equal measure
 Equal; key term here.
 The key that turns
 The lock that grinds then gives
 Under pressure 
 Of will, skill… Continue Reading “Holding Pattern”

I Fucking Love Science. Gender Not Important.

I’m baffled by the reaction to realisation that Elise Andrew, founder of I Fucking Love Science, is a woman. I’m sorry, don’t all you people pertain to worship at the altar of science? And as such, shouldn’t you be beyond such petty concerns such… Continue Reading “I Fucking Love Science. Gender Not Important.”

A question for my followers…

First of all thanks for being patient with the erratic nature of my blog. I’m currently waiting for publication of A Modern Celt whilst working on a science fiction story (Universal Melody) and a great deal of poetry. Combine this with posts like Mother’s… Continue Reading “A question for my followers…”


Autumn is crisp and ever changing Winter is brittle and eternal Autumn is gold; fire incarnate Winter is silver; ice and diamonds. Autumn is laughter, runs through the woods. Winter is joyous; hats, scarves and hoods. Autumn is gathering close, being thankful. Winter is… Continue Reading “Fire”

Bright Morning

Angel heavy sky Blue and white Just doesn’t cover it Purple; grey; silver; Gold that can’t be looked upon Bright as life Gorgeous as a soul. Face turns away And feel the heat Unnatural within The crisp winter air. Warm hand stroking A frosty… Continue Reading “Bright Morning”

Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday. Shortly after international women’s day. Does it go without saying that I long for the day when we don’t need a special day to remind us that women are amazing? Because, and this is hard for some feminists to swallow, some women… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day”

Describing Genesis

“So what was it like?” “What?” “‘Being born’ as you explained it.” “Direct!” Moriarty mocks my previous outrage. “Touché. Still, pot, kettle; black!” I pause triumphantly but the blank expression on his face tells me… “This is one of those times when I don’t… Continue Reading “Describing Genesis”