Autumn is crisp and ever changing
Winter is brittle and eternal
Autumn is gold; fire incarnate
Winter is silver; ice and diamonds.
Autumn is laughter, runs through the woods.
Winter is joyous; hats, scarves and hoods.
Autumn is gathering close, being thankful.
Winter is weathering storms, locked inside.
Autumn is dying, but grasping at life.
Winter is dead, but hopeful for spring.
Autumn is rugged and carefree and chance.
Winter is cautious, beauty so pale.
Autumn is tugs and pulls and grins.
Winter is arms closing, tightly embraced.
Autumn will see me outside, in all weather.
Winter the same, crunching ice frosted heather.
Last of the foraging
Last of the stores.
Last of the camping trips
Yuletide of course.
How can one choose
Here is one turn of the wheel
Here is another.
And yet the wheel comes back again.
Oh autumn, friendly fire
Burn not the silver web
Of winter from my heart.


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