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Beltane Blogging

I noticed that I don’t tend to blog about Beltane? I was puzzled by this as I always celebrate Beltane. Some years that’s a full blown ritual. Some years it’s quiet contemplation. The year Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft was released, I took the hopes… Continue Reading “Beltane Blogging”


I’ve been doing some work for a company that splits all its jobs into microtransactions. It’s a new way of working for me. You don’t focus on what went before, or what comes after; you just literally focus on the job that is in… Continue Reading “Microtransactions”

Moving Hekate

As we prepare for imminent baby arrival, I’ve had to clear some of my more esoteric items out of what will soon be the nursery. It was my ‘me’ space; for meditation, solo ritual and worship. However, that won’t be practical now, and the… Continue Reading “Moving Hekate”

House Martins

These little beauties all came to pick at the crumbs left by fellow bank holiday revellers. I was on the seafront at Hornsea, resting my weary bones after a meander on the wet and glorious beach. As I sat quietly, the martins waited until… Continue Reading “House Martins”

So I joined Patreon…

Like so many other creative types, I often struggle when it comes to ‘selling myself’ and due to anxiety, depression and some physical issues, ‘getting out there’ isn’t always an option. I know from lovely feedback on this blog (thanks all) that people do… Continue Reading “So I joined Patreon…”

Online Lughnasadh Festival

Ah Lughnasadh! The height of summer, a time of fun and games, the rise of the competitive spirit and a time to truly honour our ancestors, just as Lugh honoured his mother at this time. I could smell it this morning; that sweetness in… Continue Reading “Online Lughnasadh Festival”

Celtic Witchcraft

If you’ve ever wondered how witchcraft is still thriving in our modern world, go and have a read of the first chapter of my new book, Celtic Witchcraft. It’s available to view for free on the Moon Books Blog.

Winter is coming…

Ok I couldn’t resist. Joking aside though, we are definitely (in the Northern hemisphere) moving into the colder and darker time of the year. For those of us in England, it’s been a bit of a shock as the season has been between 4… Continue Reading “Winter is coming…”

Spontaneous Creativity Award

I was very surprised and delighted to be awarded a Spontaneous Creativity Award from Void Poetry…

Broken Blue

Mornings like this are the epitome of autumn for me. A magical mix that should be distressing but in its balance becomes quite beautiful. Sunshine beaming in the blue beneath heavy lids of looming cloud; birds soaring gleefully then buffeted by the random raucous… Continue Reading “Broken Blue”