So I joined Patreon…

Like so many other creative types, I often struggle when it comes to ‘selling myself’ and due to anxiety, depression and some physical issues, ‘getting out there’ isn’t always an option. I know from lovely feedback on this blog (thanks all) that people do like reading my stuff, so I figured Patreon seems like a nice, friendly platform to share my ramblings with the folks who they resonate with.

For now, my Patreon account will be a portal of poetry and pagan musings, but I’m hoping to add in music at some point, and share some of my songs with you as well.

If you like what you read here and at Patreon, please consider pledging, as every penny gives me more time to explore, create and spend time with my tribe and those who gain something from my words. Thank you.

patreon button

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