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Weathering the Storm

This new book from various Moon Books authors (including me!) looks at practical, spiritual and psychological ways to support yourself and others when going through tough times- like the current crisis. Out this Friday, the 15th May, just 99p on Amazon UK and free… Continue Reading “Weathering the Storm”


I’ve been doing some work for a company that splits all its jobs into microtransactions. It’s a new way of working for me. You don’t focus on what went before, or what comes after; you just literally focus on the job that is in… Continue Reading “Microtransactions”

Hopelessly Tangled

Whilst clearing out my handbag, amidst the tobacco dust and tissues were two of my favourite necklaces, tangled beyond recognition as two separate items. I pulled at the chains gently, but was unsure where to start. ‘This is my life’, I thought, depressively. Yes,… Continue Reading “Hopelessly Tangled”