Online Lughnasadh Festival

Ah Lughnasadh! The height of summer, a time of fun and games, the rise of the competitive spirit and a time to truly honour our ancestors, just as Lugh honoured his mother at this time.

I could smell it this morning; that sweetness in the early air that tells me a change of season is coming. Not just the standard petrichor of wet, northern England, but a magical tinge of something special on the way.

Well there’s certainly something special on the way this Lughnasadh, as the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team have arranged another amazing online festival, allowing anyone with internet access, whether on a PC, phone, tablet or other device, to join in the celebrations.

The theme is ‘Food for the Soul’, and my talk is about my love of poetry, and how it can enhance our lives. There are also talks and stories from Rachel Patterson, Madeleine Harwood, Siusaidh Ceanadach, Alex Bear, Nimue Brown and Debi Gregory.

Come and join us, the event is on Facebook and the link is Here

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