Tag: superstition

Superstitious Villanelle

One for sorrow, two for joy Taunts the lone magpie That bird in the hand, shy and coy. When we shy away from ladders Cover mirrors, dodge bird droppings, chanting, “One for sorrow, two for joy.” While stars can be wished upon And white… Continue Reading “Superstitious Villanelle”


Photo by me, Magpie through a rainy window, copyright 2017. One for Sorrow Two for Joy Three for a Girl Four for a Boy Five for Silver Six for Gold Seven for a Secret Ne’er to be told. Ok, most of us will know… Continue Reading “Magpies”

House Martins

These little beauties all came to pick at the crumbs left by fellow bank holiday revellers. I was on the seafront at Hornsea, resting my weary bones after a meander on the wet and glorious beach. As I sat quietly, the martins waited until… Continue Reading “House Martins”


Plenty of fish in the Shop, striking, slicing batter and Chip off the old block Out the lights, the blinding Light the candle, don’t curse the Dark before dawn, the morn, the Yawning chasm of emptiness Jumping and leaping from One idea island to… Continue Reading “Plenty”

Star light, Star bright…

Wish I may, Wish I might Is this just a load of shite? When we wish upon a star, For that job or brand new car Are we just fools? Hooked on a dream Of hope so false and tattered seam Of fraying thread… Continue Reading “Star light, Star bright…”