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NaPoWriMo Day 21: Angry

Don’t be late Tie your shoes Shut the gate Please don’t lose Keys again It’s the end Help your mum Help your friend Shut your mouth Now speak up Louder please Fill your cup Homework done? Pens in pot Eat that dinner While it’s… Continue Reading “NaPoWriMo Day 21: Angry”

Star light, Star bright…

Wish I may, Wish I might Is this just a load of shite? When we wish upon a star, For that job or brand new car Are we just fools? Hooked on a dream Of hope so false and tattered seam Of fraying thread… Continue Reading “Star light, Star bright…”

Word Emporium

Last night saw Trinity Church in Leeds play host to Word Emporium, an open mic event with the aim of sharing stories and telling truths. As part of the Love Arts Festival, one of the aims of this event is to get people talking… Continue Reading “Word Emporium”

Widdershins Whirl

Endlessly entropic Ebbing away Says the circle so bright Dares the moon in the light Of the day hale and gay So we spin and we stick To the lines drawn before To the curves of our past Salt and water hold fast To… Continue Reading “Widdershins Whirl”