Star light, Star bright…

Wish I may, Wish I might
Is this just a load of shite?
When we wish upon a star,
For that job or brand new car
Are we just fools? Hooked on a dream
Of hope so false and tattered seam
Of fraying thread from tapestry
Of fate or life or destiny

You work for your wishes
You graft for your goals
No freebies from heaven
So don’t sell your souls
For a dollar or dime
To throw in the well
Hang on to your hopes;
In your heart they dwell.

Oh I know this, I do.
I know it forever
I’m not superstitious you know;
I’m quite clever!

But that first star on a cloudless night
Beckons my tongue with sparkling light
I wish I may…I wish I might…

(c) Mabh Savage 2014

From todays Prompt…

21 Comments on “Star light, Star bright…

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  2. That’s a beautiful poem, I love how easily it flows and does not get distracted from the central theme despite all the rhymes.


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