Moving Hekate

As we prepare for imminent baby arrival, I’ve had to clear some of my more esoteric items out of what will soon be the nursery. It was my ‘me’ space; for meditation, solo ritual and worship. However, that won’t be practical now, and the hardest thing about this has been finding a suitable place to move my Goddesses to.

Hekate posed a particular problem, as I wanted to be able to keep my devotional items and candles handy, without them moving to a spot where they will set the house on fire, get knocked about or sat on by cats (too much!). Also, I wanted a suitable spot which was apt for this liminal goddess.

I decided on the downstairs hallway, as there is space here that doesn’t get cluttered, it’s easy to keep clean and Nathan and I had already started on making it a more ‘spiritual’ portal to the home by creating a season tree; more on that in another blog.

Jim had built a three tier corner unit which he kindly donated to the cause; ideal for this three faced goddess of the triple crossroads.

I cleansed and consecrated the space, and cleaned the items I wanted to move, anointing some in olive oil; as well as being a great offering for Hekate, the oil helps protect the surfaces of some of my altar items. I have used the three teirs to roughly represent the three levels of the world and Her dominion; earth, sea and sky. 

I have replaced her twin torches, which were larger wax candles, with LED candles for safety. The red candle from her last sacred fire is present and when I perform a ritual to sanctify this space, the old candle will be used to light a new red candle, to symbolise the transition we have undergone, and the cyclical nature of the universe.

Finally, she is now in a truly luminal spot in the house. The front hallway is neither truly in or out of the house. There are no main rooms downstairs; we either climb up to warmth and food or down to fresh air and adventure. She is close to the door, the portal to our daily different ways of being, and as keeper of keys this feels like a safe and suitable place for her to be. 

I think the final step may be painting the unit, as it just feels a touch drab at the moment! 

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