Season Tree

Some time back Nathan (seven) and I decided we wanted something in the front hall way that brightened the place up, and showed the changing of the seasons. I dug out this lovely, eastern style lantern with different nature images on each panel, and Nathan brought home this branch which we wedged between wall and pipes.
Now we are into autumn, we have the fish showing on the lantern, reminiscent of Alban Elfed; light of the water, the Druidic named for the recently passed autumn equinox. Nathan has gathered fallen Norway maple leaves from the gorgeous tree that grows just inside his school gates. And we have his ever present dragon, a wire sculpture he has had since he was tiny, guarding the door.

The skeleton reminds us of our ancestors, and that we are moving closer to Samhain. It’s glittery because, well, why not? It’s a party skeleton!

What should we have as we move into winter?

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