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Winter Wonder: Snow Scene

Thank you to William West for this beautiful submission to the Winter Wonder series. You can find William at http://billonbike.blogspot.com Snow Scene You were magic When we first met And so was I I could see it in your eyes You flung your arms… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Snow Scene”

One Winter’s Night

Big thanks to Leigh Laycock for submitting the first piece for my ‘Winter Wonders’ this year; a series of pieces intended to get us into the spirit of winter, Yule and the festive season. ¬†One Winter’s Night In the dead of night there came… Continue Reading “One Winter’s Night”

Winter is coming…

Ok I couldn’t resist. Joking aside though, we are definitely (in the Northern hemisphere) moving into the colder and darker time of the year. For those of us in England, it’s been a bit of a shock as the season has been between 4… Continue Reading “Winter is coming…”