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Being a Full Time Writer

Means… Still being up at this time Veering from research topics as diverse as best restaurants in Richmond, VA to the way the full moon affects the sex drive Wine, lots of wine (not compulsory- well, it is for me.) Lists that go on… Continue Reading “Being a Full Time Writer”

You Can.

Self doubt can be a crippling thing and believe me when I say I understand that not everything is achievable, whether that’s due to energy levels, mental health, or other obstacles. But don’t ever let anyone tell you what your story has to be.… Continue Reading “You Can.”

Who’d be a writer?

Put this pen to paper Take it back Make it crack Spill the ink Like blood Sign my life away Sign my soul To the devil In the details.

Winter Wonder: Win my book!

Another bite of winter. If you want to submit an entry for my Winter Wonder series, please send your winter related prose, poetry or art via the form below. If you want to attach an item rather than write straight onto the form, please… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Win my book!”

One Winter’s Night

Big thanks to Leigh Laycock for submitting the first piece for my ‘Winter Wonders’ this year; a series of pieces intended to get us into the spirit of winter, Yule and the festive season.  One Winter’s Night In the dead of night there came… Continue Reading “One Winter’s Night”

Gift of the Night

The gift of the night is the universe Opened up like a black tulip Petals uncurling in the light Of all the suns that ever were. The gift of the night is the universe Sky’s barrier broken down Eyes reach as far as they… Continue Reading “Gift of the Night”