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The Rain Roars

The rain roars down A lions last attempt To eviscerate The zebra of sun From the jungle of cracks In the pavement A whip crack of water Slashing holes In lawns, borders Ants dive for cover In the jungle of cracks In the pavement… Continue Reading “The Rain Roars”

Devoted Mother

Arachnophobes, look away now! A cellar spider (pholcidae) in our bathroom, clutching her egg sac. She’s been there for days, determinedly carrying the unborn babies everywhere she goes, and even fighting off a rival (they sometimes eat each other!). I’m moving her soon, as we… Continue Reading “Devoted Mother”

Broken Blue

Mornings like this are the epitome of autumn for me. A magical mix that should be distressing but in its balance becomes quite beautiful. Sunshine beaming in the blue beneath heavy lids of looming cloud; birds soaring gleefully then buffeted by the random raucous… Continue Reading “Broken Blue”

Electric inspiration

Words are static on the page; like static electricity, they buzz and chirp and make you vibrate, but only direct current shocks you. Is it the same with spoken word? Do the words come with their own voltage to power you in a way… Continue Reading “Electric inspiration”


Brain like a sponge. Soaking information up. Absorbing everything. But a sponge is…leaky. Drippy. Is information trickling slowly from my ears? And on a night, when fatigued, my head feels squishy and nauseatingly malleable; is that a symptom of having a brain like a… Continue Reading “Sponge”

Me time

Sometimes time alone is not what one needs. Sometimes the quiet outside, allowing the thoughts to free fall through the tumbling anarchy of one’s mind, is the enemy of action. How can you choose when there are so many options? How can you move… Continue Reading “Me time”

Bad Dream

Niggling gnawing gnats That bite and suck 
On confidence and self assurance
 Taking away your 
“Doing the right thing”
 Gobbling up your 
“All for the best”
 Morning shrieks that crumble
 All defences; walls and banks 
And rushing through the 
Black and wet 
Is thankless
… Continue Reading “Bad Dream”


Remember the dogs in Up? Squirrel! That’s what I feel like this week. Too many distractions, but too much predilection to be distracted. I feel like I’m trying to focus on the things that matter, but I also feel like I’m looking at a… Continue Reading “Acrylic”


The sun rises; the sun sets. It is another day. Another path to tread, To leave footprints in the dirt. Or to pass unnoticed. Counting only seconds Only minutes Held not within the turn of the earth But trapped within the turn of the… Continue Reading “Footprints”

Fluffy Clouds

Somebody needs to invent a chair that is like sitting on a fluffy little cloud. Every part of me would be perfectly supported and there would be no need for sensible stretch breaks or time away from my luminous screen which would of course… Continue Reading “Fluffy Clouds”