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Dirty Poem

Pen meet paper Have a chat Shake nib with grain In absence of hands A heat erupts Between two strangers Immediate, shocking As fuzz of fibre Cause ink to flow Liquid and glorious.

Hiding from the Hyenas

Hiding from the Hyenas Some people describe depression as a black dog. Having only ever seen black dogs as symbols of love, friendship and spirituality, I’ve never identified with this metaphor. For me, depression is a hyena. Hear it laugh. And scrounge. And prowl.… Continue Reading “Hiding from the Hyenas”

Electric inspiration

Words are static on the page; like static electricity, they buzz and chirp and make you vibrate, but only direct current shocks you. Is it the same with spoken word? Do the words come with their own voltage to power you in a way… Continue Reading “Electric inspiration”


Remember the dogs in Up? Squirrel! That’s what I feel like this week. Too many distractions, but too much predilection to be distracted. I feel like I’m trying to focus on the things that matter, but I also feel like I’m looking at a… Continue Reading “Acrylic”