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Bang… Slams the door Cracks the window Dints a smile Burns a path in the grass All the way To the incinerator Bang… Shouts an engine Pounds a horn Stamps a pedal Screams a tyre black track Bang… Ends a nightmare Stops the moment… Continue Reading “Bang”

Respectful and interesting post about a handfasting in Scotland. Although it makes Pagans sound a bit alcoholic! Click text above to see article. I love to see posts about how ‘Pagan’ events are pretty much just like their ‘non-Pagan’ alternatives, with slight differences that… Continue Reading “”

Hiding from the Hyenas

Hiding from the Hyenas Some people describe depression as a black dog. Having only ever seen black dogs as symbols of love, friendship and spirituality, I’ve never identified with this metaphor. For me, depression is a hyena. Hear it laugh. And scrounge. And prowl.… Continue Reading “Hiding from the Hyenas”