Tag: cold

Frosty Morning

…The wind doesn’t have a chance
But we stay inside
Admiring echoes
Of misty Niflheim…

Snow Dreams

Plain white sky Like hotel sheets Dull and unexpecting Business like and taut. So featureless Yet promising Cold, white fluff Softness incarnate Deadly and sharp. Drifting down And against doors No pause No laws Against this invasion. I dream of snow; December’s promise Solstice… Continue Reading “Snow Dreams”

Winter Wonder: Ploughing the Dawn

Thanks to Oz Hardwick for today’s Winter Wonder submission, Ploughing the Dawn.   Ploughing the Dawn Dawn comes late, the tread of frost heavy on hard ground. Steady steps stride through snow, shackle spirits to icy shafts, weigh the balance, take the weight, and… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Ploughing the Dawn”

Broken Blue

Mornings like this are the epitome of autumn for me. A magical mix that should be distressing but in its balance becomes quite beautiful. Sunshine beaming in the blue beneath heavy lids of looming cloud; birds soaring gleefully then buffeted by the random raucous… Continue Reading “Broken Blue”


Oh spare me from sniffles And rouging of nose From tissues so prickly Though balm ones I chose Yes save me from fever And burning of head The prickling face And the shaking of bed Deliver me from Endless runs to the store For… Continue Reading “Mercy”