Take your time

There is no limit
On the love I can give
On the help I can send
On the words I can say.
My heart may wane
But like the dark moon
It is always there
Beating its energy
For those that need it.
So I am tired;
I am not tired of you.
So I am beat;
You did not beat me.
So I am ill;
You did not infect me.
I see you struggling
And I will get to my feet
And stand strong
So you don’t have to
This is the pledge of love
The truth of friendship
The power of a bond
That time and pain
Have never defeated.
So take your time
And I will take your pain
To places where you cannot feel it
Quite so sharply.
I am the draught of cool water
I am the ray of warm sunshine
I am the hand that holds
And the throw that casts away
Movement and stillness
Hope and faith
Strength and fragility.
I am the universe
And I am just one person.
And as always…
I’ll do what I can.


4 Comments on “Take your time

  1. how could you not weep when reading words so beautifully and meaningfully written xx


  2. have imade the sci-fi fairies happy ? xxxx PS

    Can I ask who is Pip Say please have i found another relative lol xx


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