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Bearing music

“I thought you may appreciate some music. I know you get MTV, but its a touch limited.” He’s standing on his head in the centre of the white room, black hair splayed out in stark contrast to the floor and his own pale skin.… Continue Reading “Bearing music”

Testing Time

I walk into the lab, grab a coat and a pair of goggles and head over to the console where James is working. James is a fantastic lab technician; courteous, fastidious and very skilled. He was my personal lab tech for a while but… Continue Reading “Testing Time”


So this is our “black op”. He looks like a man. Different though, odd in the way he moves. And he is moving. I expected to see him sat perfectly still, waiting for input, or dejected with how long he has been in this… Continue Reading “Surveillance”

The Chapel

The chapel is beautiful, ethereal. Called square, it’s actually longer along the east and west walls which are entirely made of saints and apostles, sculpted straight out of the sandstone, and lit with tiny lights making each of them glow; a heavenly luminescence that… Continue Reading “The Chapel”