The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.

A day very much like
Any other bright
And carefree spring day
The wind high
Likewise the sun
Deosil across the cloud streaked sky.
We picked the safest path
Through rain soaked grass
To seek even more water
(What is wrong with us!)
The pond is a dark mirror
The sky’s forgotten twin
And we gaze in rapture
Still as the stones
Just over the brow of the hill.
A frog, and another;
We thought it too soon
There’s a newt
And some fish
Dark happy shapes
Darting in silence
As we watch, reciprocating.
I scold my sister
For getting her trousers wet
She must find me tiresome!
But this walk is a real treat
No care but what we find
No worry but what we mind
And endless treasure
We are joyous to leave behind.

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