I’m Eeyore

The NaPoWriMo challenge for the 14th April was to write in another persona. I had some help choosing from Paul, Dominic, Geoff and a few others but the suggestion that gripped me most was Pippa’s: Eeyore. Of course A. A. Milne already achieved the almost impossible by making a pessimistic character completely adorable (I always think of Eeyore as a forerunner to Marvin the paranoid android), so all I’m doing is building on that idea; entertainment from the soul of the depressing. Enjoy!
Only a donkey
Don’t get excited
I wouldn’t
And I’m me.
Old and grey
Too grey to play
I don’t have time
For bright and gay
Oh Piglet, oh Pooh
What shall I do with you?
Nothing. It’s never worth
The bother anyway.
Oh use that grey fluff
That got blown in your head
And see that I’d rather
Have just stayed in bed
Oh it’s boggy and sad
And gloomy; it’s true
But Eeyore is me
And you? Well, that’s you.


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