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Wasted Tea Haiku

Sometimes the tea is Heavy, dense; peculiar. Why did it go cold? Advertisements

Waxing Gibbous

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Moonlight Haiku

Door slam traffic jam Fuming, steam from ears, hot mess I pause, moonlight healed.

The Optimist Haiku

The bottle is full Of air, of liquid; of dreams; Possibilities.

Alliteration Haiku

Alliteration Always and about adrift Apex aptly aced. #nationalpoetryday

Haiku for Lugh

Bright poke in the eye From Lugh, golden in the blue; I reflect, moon like.

Haiku Practice

Realising sleep can’t Be replaced by happiness; Broken body heal. Half moon balanced in Equinox sky (black cotton) Flips; my heart the same.