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Waxing Gibbous

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When the sun doesn’t rise Majestically over The horizon But diffuses through cloud Like milk spilling Through ink When bird song sends Rain shivering Onto sodden paths When the moon has fizzled damply And stars have sighed and left Without saying goodbye When night… Continue Reading “Greydawn”

Shadows in the Dark

Look at that patch there Just a little thicker A touch more velvety Swirling slightly In the backdraft from the Swinging bedroom door. Switch on the light And it retreats, Like the rest of the darkness Like any of us Eyes abused by sudden… Continue Reading “Shadows in the Dark”

Just past twilight

Enchanted by the night Rolling lust of cloud Sighs the moon I love you. Warm summer air Climbs into me Up inside me I don’t even need to breathe The sweet violation of my lungs By bread and fumes and flowers Night blooming ecstasy… Continue Reading “Just past twilight”