Labour members- your views wanted on Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn has asked for views from all Labour Party members. If you are a member, check your inbox. MPs may soon have to vote on whether to extend UK bombing into Syria.

Please have your say. Here was my response:

UK intervention in Syria should be to lend aid to those suffering and forward the diplomatic process. Sending bombs instead does nothing but kill more people; destroying lives does not make a better future for anyone. Daesh want us to be angry; they want to show that the western world is out of touch with Islamic nations and an enemy to all Islamic people. If the UK bombs targets in Syria, then the UK is playing straight into the hands of the Daesh. Terrorism cannot be fought with violence. History has shown us this. We are no strangers to the threat of terrorism in the UK. But in 1997, it was talking, not violence that stopped the IRA bombs. Perhaps David Cameron has forgotten this, or perhaps there is some profit unknown to us in dividing the west from the east even further. Whatever his motives, I truly hope that there are enough politicians with a better memory, a bigger heart and a modicum of common sense.

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