Samhain approaching

Samhain is now understood as the night that the veil is at its thinnest; where our ancestors may temporarily rejoin us, travelling from their abode in the Summerlands. The original meaning of Samhain was probably either ‘end of summer’ or ‘beginning of winter’, as for the Celts it was the day and night that was the transitional point from the lighter time of the year into the darkness of the winter months.

Our seasons don’t exactly follow this pattern, and the changes are obviously quite gradual, but it’s clear to see that the air is cooler, the sun packs a little less punch and physically, we are moving into a darker period. Psychologically, this can affect many people, with the darker days contributing towards conditions such as Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, and particularly affecting those with depression or anxiety.

As we turn towards our ancestors and our memories of those that have gone before, let us also remember those around us today that need our help and support. They may know that they were once loved; let them know that they are loved now. Now is a time for the final preparations for Winter, and no one should be left behind. And most of all, remmeber to celebrate! Light candles, make food, feast and be with the ones you love, and who love you.

2 Comments on “Samhain approaching

  1. That’s so thoughtful and well-put, Mabh. SAD is another condition that’s little understood, yet is an unwanted reality for many people. Bright Blessings at Samhain, and may you and yours be embraced by light created from the love and warmth of the celebrations at this particular time of year.


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