Friday I’m In Love

Venus.  Image processing by R. Nunes

I’ve been learning a little bit about planetary magic over the past couple of weeks, courtesy of some daily devotional work to Hekate. I had a lovely little conversation this morning with my eight-year-old son, Nathan, which reminded me of how the most serendipitous things can take you by surprise.

Me: “Did you know that Friday is associated with the planet Venus?”

Nathan: “No, what does that mean then?”

Me: “Well, if you expand that to include the Goddess Venus, there are associations with beauty, love…”

At this point, my little boy interjects excitedly, “Oh! Yeah! The Cure wrote a song about it!”

I crinkle my nose in puzzlement then laugh in delight as he starts singing,

It’s Friday I’m in love!

From the mouths of babes, eh. I wonder if Robert Smith et al knew they were inadvertently evoking Venus as they sang about love appearing out of nowhere at the week’s end?

I hope Friday is treating you well and you have a lovely weekend to look forward to. Enjoy a little bit of musical Venusian magic!

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