NaPoWriMo Day 17: Bravery

Image shows a black and white butterfly clinging to the leg of some cream shorts that I’m wearing. Image copyright Mabh Savage 2023.

We went to the butterfly park

I loved it, immediately entranced

With Buddhist iconography

“Don’t step on the butterflies,”

The receptionist said

With a totally straight face.

I know you don’t like flying things

But you came anyway

And it was too much

You had to leave

For fear of causing harm

So I went on with the other two

We saw silk parents

Atlas moths

Monarchs, the only monarchs I’m in awe of

A drying butterfly, just hatched

Flew from its case and

Clung to my leg

Rapt, I stayed

For another 20 minutes

Until it finally gave a single decisive flap

And joined its pals

In the tropical sweat-hot canopy.

You looked askance at me

You didn’t want to leave

You wanted it to be okay.

I grumbled half-heartedly

About the entrance fee

But I didn’t really give a shit about that

I just wanted you to buy me a beer.

I said it then

Looking in your eyes

I hope you heard:

We’re all brave in different ways

I will deal with butterflies

And spiders and cockroaches and

All the things that

Spike your fright and flight

You save me

Every day in a hundred different ways

We’re all brave in different ways.

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