Beltane Fire

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Moonlight Haiku

Door slam traffic jam

Fuming, steam from ears, hot mess

I pause, moonlight healed.

Rules for Living on the Moon

Don’t touch the flag

Kicking moon dust

In faces

Is Not On!

Look frequently towards

The earth

Admire the sun

With protection

Of course


Inwards and out

No cheese jokes

Ok, that’s not mandatory

The only holes

Are in the plot.

The Moon

A card is pulled

A sphere

Leaning to the side

Of mercy.

Our animal self

Howls at it

Barks at it

Gnashes shark teeth

But we can’t control

The master of tides

We fear the path

Between the two towers

Yet walk it we must

Step by step

Gasp by sigh

Kind and just


Into the unknown.


Sticky, clicky poppy lid

Snaps open; nasal bliss

Ensues; a sugary mid

Morning madness

Red, glistening, pips

Upon my shoulder

Captain of the preserves

Conserve my energy

For this conserve

A jewel upon my knife

Then spread on wheat

Burnt, golden, sweet

Jam makes a happy life!

Secret of a Daffodil

I place my ear gently to the golden trumpet

What secrets do you hold?

I heard you whispering

Just as you called to Persephone

Am I distracted by your beauty

Waiting for Hades to snatch me away

Or am I the kidnapper

Of my own destiny?

Narcissus whispers sweetly

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’

And bobs his yellow head

In the soft, spring breeze.

The Mist

Swirling shroud

A watery veil

Like tired eyes;

A crazed wail

Cracks through the cloud

Of foggy fear

The eyes alive

As shapes appear

Looming, lunging


Towards a shuddering


Of something that used

To be alive

Now lost in the mist

Struggling to survive

Tear off the shroud

Sunlight fries

The frazzling fog

The watery lies

Wail no more

A calm descends

Mist dissipates;

The shuddering ends.

Comes with a Warning

Wash dark feelings separately

Press the red button

Max head room uncertain

Unauthorised access forbidden

Stand clear of the line

If you can see

Where it is.

Eyes Closed



Streamed with red

Tiny light


The Call

White treasure, petals bright

Fall from high to small

Hands and fingers, softly lands

Adoration; springtime’s call.


Waves of pleasure

Olfactory lust

Nasal pollination

Vernal must

Musky, heady

Trance inducing

Moving, ready,

Rain drops sluicing

Founts of heaven

Sensation heavy

Petrichor bomb

Blossom so heady

The smell of spring

The scented air

The cherry, apple

Plum and pear

Hawthorn coming

Spikes and white

Jasmine joins

The throng at night


In the wings

Food for bees

Nectar for kings

My treasure, jewels

My court of fools

We lay entranced

And drool.

Someone’s Narcissistic Best Friend



A cut


All other


All other