NaPoWriMo Day 9: Egg Hunt

Image shows coloured eggs on a round plate. Free image from WordPress.

Time to get cracking

Climb out of sleep bagging

Put down all the packing

And get on the hunt!

The Easter Bun’s been

And we’ve already seen

A gold-blue silver sheen

Glinting out of the grass.

Little hands take the lead

Running hard through the weeds

While the grownups sip mead

And the treasures amass.

Pile of eggs, rabbits, sweets

Unexpected neat treats

Backed by hypersonic squeaks

Mama’s ears take the brunt!

Silence falls on the field

That was kind enough to yield

Chocolate treasure that reeled

Our little kids’ minds.

We’re in awe as they tuck

Into chocolate, drunk

From the pleasure they took

From their Easter Hunt finds.

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