NaPoWriMo Day 29: Finding Joy

Image shows a new bud on a fir tree with spiralling pale green features similar to a romanesco cauliflower. Image copyright Mabh Savage 2023.

My God

You take my breath away

Look at all this love

You found me

Look at all this Joy

I found

In your shadow

In your light

The chaos they accuse you of

Just cos it follows

In thy wake

Does not means

You’re the cause

You bring me order

Delightful mayhem that brings

My world together

Intrinsically shattered

And loving it

My God

You take my breath away

Let me love the breaks

The swoops and curves

The rollercoaster of your regard

Your beauty

Your sense of justice

Let me rail against that

Which is never fair

The fight inside

Comes from you

And the one who guided me firmly

Into your arms

Hail wanderer of the skies

Hail fixer

Hail breaker

Hail fire in my heart

Lightning in my eyes.

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