Moon Books- Encountering Paganism through Pagan Authors


I should probably start with the disclaimer that Moon Books are my publisher, and as such I have a natural bias towards them. Becoming an author for Moon Books was incredibly exciting, as my book now sits alongside the likes of The Woven Word by Romany Rivers, a magical tome that reminds me of my own love affair with poetry and prose; or A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants and Herbs by the incredibly busy Rachel Patterson, a fantastic work that reconnects you to the green world in the most practical way.

Finding a publisher that supports you as a new author is hard. Especially when you’re rubbish at promoting yourself (like I am!) and lacking in time due to day job, children and other ‘real life’ commitments. Moon Books have always been kind about my time constraints yet still pass opportunities my way when they become available. It’s through Moon Books that I ended up writing for the famous Watkins Mind, Body Spirit magazine. It’s through our incredible community of writers across the globe that I am now a regular contributor to Brigid’s Fire, the Irish Pagan magazine.

The fact that we all talk so much also means I have lots of interview material for Pagan Pages, the website I write for monthly. We’re all really supportive of each other, sharing each others’ achievements and endorsing each other’s work where appropriate (and if we like the book, of course!).

If you’re interested in Paganism, discovering more about your path, walking a new path, or even writing yourself, visit

and see what I’m talking about.

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