Future Learn

This is the best idea I have seen for a long time. Courses designed and run by universities, which are totally free. Learning from the top minds in the country and no course fees, no attendance; simply log in on your pc, phone or tablet. Join discussions. Debate. Enjoy! This is what learning should be like in a modern age; in a time when we all have to work or parent or do things that don’t allow for a fine routine for anything else in our lives.

I have just signed up for forensic sciences, java programming, natural resources and the Higgs Bosun particle physics course. The max time that this will take up a week is 5 hours; I can do this on my lunch breaks! I am so excited.

This is a totally new project so I’ll keep you all updated on the course content and if the structure actually works; currently my excitement is outweighing any cynicism, but my mind is open!

Watch this space…

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