Random acts of kindness

I’m a bit blue and fed up so thought I would list some of the nice things that have happened in the last few weeks:

1/ Owner of San Co Co Cafe in Leeds gave Nathan some chocolate brownie.

2/ Lots of people wishing me well when my back has been hurty.

3/ Random mention in Asian Echo regarding Chapel Allerton Library Open Mic night.

4/ Storm Trooper shaking hands with Nathan.

5/ Asked to bring my guitar to camp (yeah, my ego is that fragile and needy).

6/ Asda sent me free samples.

7/ A spaghetti squash arrived in my weekly veg box. Spaghetti squash! No idea what to do with it.

8/ Nana looked after Nathan for two nights while we were just too ill.

9/ Discovered that spinach stirred into instant noodles is yum.

10/ Nathan said he’s proud of me for reverse parking into a marked bay.

See, that right cheered me up! What nice things have happened to you?

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