World Poetry Day 2018

For World Poetry Day today, I was obsessed with petrichor, the smell after the rain. Here are some of the poetic doodles I did today…

Rain hits soil hits nose

Knowing how it works doesn’t

Make it not magic.

Microbes multiply

Each rain drop

A mortar spreading them

Far and wide

Until they arrive

At the olfactory outpost

As the smell of


And the earth resting

After the storm.

And finally, a topical one I posted with the tag ‘crap haiku’:

Bee acupuncture

Is not the greatest idea

Just stop it now, please.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my poetic doodling! There was one more poem I wrote today, but it was a gift for my newest patron on Patreon. Please consider becoming a patron; every penny helps me create more poetry and writing, and all patrons receive exclusive rewards and unique gifts.

Until next time…

Image credit: Cymbidium by Brocken Inaglory, copyright 2011 via Wikipedia Commons.

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