Two Sides of the Wheel

It struck me today that for her entire life, there has been more darkness than light for my four-month-old. Born in November, weeks after the autumnal equinox, she has never known a time where the day outshone the night.

My first born was almost the opposite; born in May, between the vernal equinox and summer solstice, he only knew the lighter days for his first four months.

In fact, they are six months and five days apart in birthdays (plus seven years!); almost exactly at opposite sides of the wheel. I wonder if this will be apparent in their temperament as they grow older?

Despite their differences, and their different experiences with light and dark, they both enjoyed a spring equinox trip to the park. Winter’s chill has subsided for the day, and a pale but determined Sol shines upon us.

Happy Spring Equinox to you little girl, your first day where the night bows and retreats.

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