I was always falling for you

My whole life

Sometimes dancing so close to the edge

Hearing the call

Of your tales

Both terrible and comic

I felt for you

Like no other

I fell for you

Little by little

You guided my empathy

As I grew

I always protected

Defended the underdog

The one the others

Turned against

My foundational ethics

However dubious

Came from you

As I orbited

The rim of the cave

For twenty years or more

I denied myself this

Until even my other guides

Raised a metaphysical eyebrow

Pushing me, gently yet inexorably

Into your embrace.

You transform me

You burn away

The echoes of doubt

You shrug until I stand

On my own two feet

And we both laugh

When I stumble

In a matter of days

You helped me take

Myself less seriously

So much less

Than ever before.

You made me humble and proud

All at the same time

Worth so much more

Than this coffee

(Milk two sugars)

I bring you each morning

And the spiced mead

We drink together

At night.

I was always

On my way here

And falling never felt so much like


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