Diamond Encrusted Oranges

Asda asked me what my Click and Collect experience was like:

The whole process was a shambles. Ordering itself was OK, although the search function doesn’t work too well on the website, and if you are using the website/app on your phone, you lose some of the functionality.

I was told that when I went to collect my order, staff would be on hand to help me. No staff were available; I had to use an electronic system to open various doors; it was like being in an episode of the Crystal Maze. Once I had retrieved my crystals- sorry, shopping, I had to run and get a trolley to manhandle the lot back to the car, despite having been assured that staff would help with this.

Once I got to the car, I discovered that several items were missing. When I double checked this on the receipt, I also found I had been massively overcharged for my oranges. £1.50 an orange! Maybe they do have crystals inside them…

My oranges and I trundled to the customer service desk, and had to wait an inordinate amount of time despite there being two members of staff; one was processing a refund for another customer, but the other was scanning baby milk; she kept smiling and saying ‘won’t be a minute love’ which was a blatant lie as when I eventually left 20 minutes later she was still scanning said formula… The other lady was baffled by my missing goods and apparently platinum laced oranges, but wasn’t sure what she could do as the Click and Collect man (her words) had gone home. I find this baffling as I was told I could pick my order up any time between 8pm and 10pm, and it was only 8.15pm.

After 5 minutes of hand wringing she spotted a manager crossing the shop floor, who kindly found my missing items and instructed customer services to refund me £7.50 for the diamond encrusted oranges. This whole process took around 20 minutes, during which time I was documenting the incident on Facebook: if we know how to shop online, we sure know how to post our dissatisfaction online too!

I arrived home, exhausted and baffled, and unpacked without paying too much attention to it. Two days later, I was planning dinner when I realised I didn’t have the item I was planning to cook. I retrieved my receipt and discovered that there were 3 more missing items than I had at first realised! I have requested a refund for these so can only hope this is dealt with in a manner more befitting a supermarket than an 80s puzzle-based game show. I hope this feedback is useful. I really can’t see myself using the click and collect service again without some incredible incentive. It was hard work and I’m still dealing with it 2 days later. It would have been quicker and less stressful to trawl around the supermarket myself.

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