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You Know it’s Samhain When…

Your husband can’t get out of the house because things keep randomly falling over, mostly on him. Stuff keeps disappearing and then turning up in odd places. You go into a room and something scuttles away into the corners, My Neighbor Totoro style. You… Continue Reading “You Know it’s Samhain When…”


It’s the first of October It’s a rainy day It’s rescuing birds from cats It’s snuggling in a blanket while writing It’s letting the kids binge on films It’s not worrying about hanging the washing out It’s piles of procrastination It’s thinking about putting… Continue Reading “October”

I’m Going Sober for October!

Please sponsor me to keep my liver clean in October! All pennies go to Macmillan Cancer Support. This is a hard challenge for me as I love my wine, particularly at this time of year. My fund raising page is HERE.