Eating up the Equinox

I feel like this year’s autumnal equinox has crept up on me. I’ve been a bit poorly, and off work, and struggling to write, and suddenly I realise, wow, it’s nearly balance point again. Nearly that magical time when day equals night; light equals dark and nothing holds sway over anything else. And that’s ok. It’s ok to stop vying for power. It’s ok to not win. It’s ok to not care about losing. Sometimes just existing and enjoying that can be satisfying. Not everything has to be a competition. It’s such a cliche to say stop and smell the (insert appropriate olfactory affecter here), but in autumn, it’s so true. There is so much to smell and taste and dive both hands into.

I wrote last year about preparation for the darker months, and gathering our resources; both internal and external. But I think it’s also important to enjoy this moment of what can be immense peace. Eat it up; like the fat blackberries still tempting bees and the tomatoes still tangling in the first of the autumn winds. Breathe it in, like the last of the blossom blowing around the eaves; the damp earth morphing from creatrix to storage cellar; the tang of dust from building projects rushed to be completed before winter sets in. Gather it close, like potatoes piled in the corner; washing wet and hopeful for a few more days sunshine; shoes collecting dust as boots suddenly become favoured. Taste it; touch it; eat up this moment of balance: look forward to it and enjoy it. This is more than a transition. This is no aperitif. This is a feast; so gorge, rest and feel it fill you up.


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